Tarzan Shoes has a rich history that began in May 1965 when Johan Olde-Olthof, the founder and father of our current director, John Olde-Olthof, arrived from the Netherlands and decided to establish his factory in the picturesque town of Tulbagh, South Africa.

In those early days, our operation was modest, producing only 50 pairs of shoes a day. However, every pair was meticulously handcrafted, reflecting Johan’s unwavering determination to deliver exceptional quality. As time went on, Tarzan Shoes flourished, gaining a reputation as a global authority on high-quality South African leather footwear. Today, our production has expanded significantly, with a dedicated team of over 50 skilled individuals, manufacturing over 650 pairs of shoes each day. Despite our growth, we remain committed to the principles that guided Johan from the start. We take immense pride in maintaining the same commitment to quality and ensuring that only the highest grade leather is used in our shoes. While we have embraced some modern techniques, a significant portion of our production is still carried out by hand, preserving the irreplaceable craftsmanship that sets our shoes apart.

At Tarzan Shoes, our story is one of passion, tradition, and dedication to producing exceptional handmade leather shoes. We invite you to experience the timeless quality and generations of refined experience that define our brand.


the Tarzan Shoes factory workers
Tarzan Shoes director, John Olde-Olthof

John Olde-Olthof


Director and Product Developer of Tarzan Shoes, Madeleine Olde-Olthof

Madeleine Olde-Olthof

Director / Product Development

Tarazn Shoes Production Manager, Francois Hougaard

Francois Hougaard

Production Manager


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